At Western Reserve, we call our members, “Stakeholders.”

When it comes to “membership,” many times that communicates privilege. In the Body of Christ, it’s about laying down our rights – that’s what Jesus did for us! It’s about being stakeholders in the Kingdom of God.

To be a great church, we all have to be moving in the same direction. The process of becoming a Stakeholder invites you to join the movement of God, gives you roadmaps along the way, and challenges you to join others in God’s best for you and for Western Reserve. So come join us. We believe this could be the next step in living to your redemptive potential!

I really thought about what it means to be a growing disciple in Jesus Christ throughout the Stakeholder class. The manner in which the class broke things down and connected it to scripture helped me plan for my action steps as a Stakeholder.
Kim Travers

I am most excited to say that this is officially my home church! It was before I took the Stakeholder’s class, but this just feels different. In the past I was afraid to commit to other churches, but I cannot wait to be a Stakeholder at WR. That in and of itself is a huge testament to the work God has been doing in my heart since I came here. I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my experience with other people and help them find their home!

Courtney Steinhauser

Sundays | 10:00am

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