Week One: Our Mission

Acts 17:16-21, 32-34

Paul is given a unique platform and opportunity in Acts 17 when he is called to share his faith on the biggest stage in the philosophical world—the Areopagus. We often think of Paul as the greatest evangelist and missionary in all of church history, so we may be tempted to think that everything Paul did here was a success. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. As we’ll see, even the best get rejected. Even the best get turned away. But did this make Paul a failure? By his testimony, absolutely not! Paul’s story highlights an important truth for us: our mission is to proclaim the gospel to the world. The results are not for us to control.

Week Two: God’s Movement

1 Corinthians 2:1-5; 3:5-9

Sharing our faith is going to have ups and downs. We are going to experience three different responses to the gospel—yes, no, and maybe, and the more no’s and maybe’s we get, the more discouraged we can become. However, Scripture tells us not to be discouraged. Why? Because the results do not rest in our hands. We are God’s servants, and the work of the gospel is a part of God’s movement. We plant, and we water, but God is the one who makes it grow. So what do we do? We keep going. We proclaim His name. We submit the results to the Lord, and we watch Him work. 

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