The wonder and work of God is often overlooked. We often say phrases like: “Glad it worked out”, “Right place at the right time”, and in doing so we miss the effective work of God in our daily lives. And when we explain away the intervention of God, the casualty becomes our WONDER. Our Joy and wonder of Creator God gets lost…and we drift further away from the recognition of His power and attributes.

WONDER will focus on “God as…” Our deliverer, our Healer, our Protector and our Provider.

The goal is that our view of God becomes larger and we become more aware of His presence and authority on this world and in our lives. May we look upon God with WONDER!

Week 1: God as our deliverer

Week 2: God as our healer

Week 3: God as our protector

Week 4: God as our Father

Week 5: God as our provider

Week 1: God as our deliverer

We worship and serve a God that has power over darkness. In this message we will look at God in us and through us overcoming darkness and equipping us to live our lives in the authority of Christ in us.

Week 2: God Our Healer

We will establish that God is the healer (and still does heal!)…but we will also see that God is not a vending machine and is occupied with His Glory and His Plan over our comfort and desires. We will unpack why He may not heal someone when we ask, and what our proper response is. The goal is that we have a larger view of God and His WONDERful work and plan.

Week 3: God Our Protector

There are times when it doesn’t seek like God is protecting us. Life gets hard and we feel like everything is falling apart. Where are you God? Why didn’t you work when you could have? Could it be that God already had a plan? And if He is perfect and has a plan, that means His plans are perfect. Truth is: God’s plan was in place long before we face our problems.

We will dive into the story of the Roman jailer and Paul’s trial and physical pain in Acts 16. We will see how God protected Pau’s life (even though terrible), and, as a result, the entire family of the Roman guard was saved (God’s plan).

Week 4: God Our Father

Week 5: God Our Provider

We will examine several passages that reveal that in every context of need, God provides what is needed. The application will come back to us: if we seek His purpose and desire for our lives, He will provide what we need (and just in time) as He guides our lives.

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