Why Am I Not Happy seeks to challenge us and teach us what it means to truly be happy, to truly find purpose, to truly enjoy life, and to truly understand why we exist.

Week 1: Psalm 1

Week 2: Psalm 32

Week 3: Psalm 88-89

Week 4: Psalm 57

Week 1: Up and Down

This week we will look at Psalm 1. The entire book starts out with the word “blessed” (a joyful mental state of contentment) and then is referred to or used 26 other times in this book. Blessedness is the theme of the book of Psalms. So why aren’t I happy? When we are young we believe happiness is inevitable but when we are older we begin to believe that it is unattainable.

Week 2: Shame on Me

In this psalm, we connect happiness with forgiveness.. Even though culture says there isn’t, there is, in fact something wrong with you…that feeling of shame has a grain of truth in it, even if it’s distorted. In order to be happy you have to deal with it, but not in the ay we typically do.

Week 3: Stuck

Week 3: Stuck

Psalm 88-89
Sometimes it feels like we are right in the middle of a bad story and we have no idea how it is going to turn out…how it can possibly turn out well. Will life ever get better? The Psalmist faced this and we can identify with his struggles: loneliness, personal betrayal, personal pain. But then, we find the psalmist proclaiming God’s steadfast love, reminding Himself (and us) of His power and faithfulness. In this, we learn we are not stuck and that God has not forgotten about us.

Week 4: Purpose

Psalm 57
Knowing that God has a purpose for you would transform how you see everything in your life – what you do with your blessings and how to interpret your pain. The upside-down truth of this pursuit is, it’s not about us. David, in Psalm 57 never once prayed for different circumstances, but prayed in the confidence of His God that His purposes for him would come true.

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