Week 1: Perspective

June 28, 2020

Was Paul where he “wanted” to be? Certainly not. However, Paul was rejoicing in the work of God through this Philippine church. He rejoiced even in chains because he understood what to really give their lives to.

We must understand that even in less than perfect conditions a soul that is becoming fully alive understands the difference between the highest matters and side issues.

Week 2: Obstacles to Opportunities

July 5, 2020

Paul was in prison and was confined to writing letters and the hearing of reports from others. It seemed that his chains were his obstacle. And yet, he gives reference to his chains as a foundation for the movement of the gospel. An uprising in our soul doesn’t begin with “I wish my situation was different”, but rather begins with the recognition of opportunity through our current circumstances.

Week 5: Whatever, Whenever, However

Paul spends these verses telling the Philippians church that we should become whatever God is calling us to be, and then live with the goal of shining like stars whenever the word looks at us. This week we will talk about being whatever He wants us to be, to be available to whenever He wants us, and to accomplish His plan however he desires. This will be a powerful discussion about the future of Western Reserve.

Week 6: Eyes to See

The New Testament shows us the glory of the gospel and the epistles teach us the theological framework by which to experience and enjoy the Good News. One of the critical concerns was genuine and false faith. Paul adds to this teaching in the first three verses of chapter three. Our this week is that Christ through His spirit would give us eyes to see genuine faith vs. false faith.

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