Studying 1 John is an encouragement for every believer. “This world” bombards us with messages of self-expression, self-enlightenment and experiential morality. What it fails to address is “assurance”. As believers we have assurance in Christ through His perfect and completed work on our behalf. This work is greater than the spiritual deception we face in the world. John calls his readers back to true doctrine, fruitful living, and steadfast devotion.

Week 1: Certain Fellowship

Week 2: Certain Assurance

Week 3: Certain Love

Week 4: Certain Love…For Others

Week 5: Certain Salvation

Week 1: Certain Fellowship

John had certain fellowship with Jesus. He spoke from personal experience of knowing, seeing, and touching Christ. He was assured because he knew Jesus. But what about us? We will find that one of the greatest assurances that we have is through the fellowship that we now have with Christ.

Week 2: Certain Assurance

We are going to deal with an attitudes toward sin and our assurance of eternal life. How do we know if our experience with God is real? Can we know for sure that He loves us and that we are at peace with Him?

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