2020 has rocked many foundations in our lives. Marriage, work, walks with Jesus…and parenting. What was normal pre-COVID is not anymore. However, the priorities of our homes and the raising of our children should not be effected by external influences. This series will invite us to return to timeless priorities and challenge us to stay focused on what God has called parents to prioritize.

Week 1: The Priority of Posture

Week 2: The Priority of Culture

Week 3: The Priority of Discipline

Week 4: The Pain of a Prodigal

Week 1: The Priority of Posture

This week will focus on the priority of modeling personal dependance on God, living as a family dependent on God and finally working to help our children learn to be dependent on God.

Week 2: The Priority of Culture

Every home as a culture. A culture of cynicism, anger and fear are common. But what if we change the culture to strength and confidence? Tenderness and grace? We will evaluate the priority of encouraging words, appropriate affection and the power of time by looking at how Jesus modeled this with his interaction with children.

Week 3: The Priority of Discipline

Many parents value community involvement, time, sports and friends. We often think that getting our kids more involved in life will teach them to be responsible adults. In some ways, this is true, but many miss the importance of discipline. The priority of self-control, respect, grace, and honoring those around you are many times void in a child’s life. We will consider what Biblical discipline looks like and why God values it for us and our children

Week 4: The Pain of a Prodigal

Now what? We never dreamt it. Never planned on it. But they rebelled. They went in the opposite direction that we intended. What do we do? How do we respond? We will look at the comfort of God and the action that parents of prodigals are to take.

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