As we examine Paul’s relationship with churches in the New Testament, we see a common theme. So That the love of Christ may dwell in your hearts richly. Interesting that Paul’s prayer wasn’t just for Himself. He prayed specifically and with great faith for the believers in the various church that he loved and pastored. 

What does it look like to not only be a believer that prays for themselves, but prays for one another in specific and with big faith asks on behalf of others? What would a community of believers begin to experience if that community committed to one another in prayer?

In this series we will examine four prayers that Paul had for churches. We will be challenged to pray for one another, asking God to develop in each of us a love for Christ that dwells richly.

Week 1: Strengthened

Week 2: Influencer

Week 3: One Voice

Week 4: Discernment

Week 1: Strengthened – Pastor Lawrence La-Follette

Paul’s heart and love for the church in Ephesus was obvious. His passion for their spiritual growth and experience of God’s power was something he longed for. Paul prayed BIG and he prayed SPECIFICALLY for the people of this church. In this message we will examine Paul’s prayer, and be challenged to pray for strength of other believers as we consider the greatness of God’s love and power through us.

Week 2: Influencer – Pastor Lawrence La-Follette

Paul prayed specifically for Philemon’s faith. This faith as we see it here in Philemon is both for the encouragement of the saints and sharing his faith in the world. Paul prayed specifically for Philemon’s influence. In this message we will examine the power of our influence and understand the joy and refreshment that comes to others when our influence is exercised for the glory of God.

Week 3: One Voice

Paul understood the importance of one mind for the health and protection of the church. He often warned of false teachers and “wolves’ that needed to be removed from fellowship thereby preserving the message of Christ and the unity of the spirit. AND, Paul seemed to understand that the church needed to be a place of personal, spiritual safety (Romans 15:7).

In this message we will examine this prayer and understand that praying this for the church and for one another is foundational for seeing and experiencing a vibrancy of the Spirit and a missional culture.

Week 4: Discernment

Paul prayed for the Phillippian church stating, “that you may be able to discern what is best”. We need wisdom to navigate the daily decisions that we face. And, we need others praying with us for those decisions. 

In this message we will look at Paul’s expression of his passion for this church and the wisdom to walk through life learning how to discern God’s best for us.

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