We start off every new year with great expectation…we say, “This is my year!” The good news is: God wants this to be your best year yet! The caveat is: His best may be different than our plan. “This is my year” takes a look at the person and life of Jonah. Through his story God shows us that our lives can be leveraged to radically impact our world and show us that God does care about our lives and the decisions that we make.

Week 1: Running From Greatness [Jonah 1]

Week 2: This isn’t working [Jonah 2]

Week 3: The Power of Repentance [Jonah 3]

Week 4: Living Heroically [Jonah 4]

Running From Greatness
Jonah 1

We will explore the great message God has for the people of the city of Nineveh, the price for running from Him, and the power of our Lord to turn our biggest failures into greatness…this could be your year!

Sermon Notes

This Isn’t Working
Jonah 2

We’ll explore Jonah’s experience in the belly of the fish. Through this experience, we’ll discover that even in the face of our greatest trial, God is there, that His grace and love is greater than our deepest darkness, and what can happen when we reach the end of ourselves.

The Power of Repentance
Jonah 3

Living Heroically
Jonah 4