Jesus spoke directly to people whose faith was lukewarm. He removed the barrier of “good works”, and spoke right to the heart of the people He met. The temperature and authenticity of our hearts were what mattered then and what matters now. He brought true hope to the broken and the lost while shaking anyones faith that was lukewarm.

As we enter 2021, Masquerade will challenge us to address the roadblocks to an authentic, life giving faith in Jesus Christ.

Week 1: Spiritual Fire

Week 2: True Worshippers

Week 3: Sincere Faith

Week 4: Confident Humility

Week 1: Spiritual Fire

Week 1 will look at the church of Laodicea and address the roadblock of spiritual apathy.
We will look at what happened to this church, where it come from, and why the picture of this church is where every church/believer is headed if we become spiritually apathetic.

Week 2: True Worshippers

Week 2 will look at the roadblock of vain worship. We see in hearts of the Pharisees a devotion to rules and regulations, and not the true heart of God. They masqueraded as worshippers but missed God’s true heart. We will look at re-igniting the true worship that God calls us to.

Week 3: Sincere Faith

Week 3 will look at the roadblock of hypocrisy.
Looking once again that the Pharisaical way of being in tune with God, Jesus combats their “behaviors” that have only led to hypocrisy, and calls them (and everyone) to an authentic interaction with Jesus, leading to a spiritual climate of authentic faith.

Week 4: Confident Humility

Week 4 will deal with the roadblock of Spiritual Pride.
Looking at Jesus parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, we will uncover the picture of someone that believes their righteousness is tied to self, and what Jesus really considers true righteousness…that is a righteousness that comes from Christ Himself.

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