Followers of Christ are at times, considered to be irrational. Truth be told. We should be. We should have irrational faith, irrational commitment, irrational love. But we should also have irrational generosity. Generosity that comes from the foundation that God owns it all. An irrational belief that if I entrust the foundations of my life to Him, that He will supply all our needs. In Let Us we will re-discover what God says about generosity and how giving is a foundational part of the Christian life.

Week 1: Let Us…Do Because of What God Does

Week 2: 1 Let Us…Change Our Thinking

Week 3: Let Us…Be Known as Generous

Week 1: Let Us…Do Because of What God Does

2 Corinthians 9:7-11

We will be challenged to break the cycle of scarcity and move toward a discipline of abundant giving, trusting that God will multiply our acts of faith and obedience through generosity.

Week 2: Let Us…Change Our Thinking

Most come from the mindset of scarcity (week 1). The most effective way to change this is to challenge our thinking. We need to begin to think in terms of God economy and not the worlds economy, In God s economy, Jesus redefines what can be done with little. In our economy we think little can be done with little. What is seemingly irrational to the world is the MOST rational in God’s kingdom…and it begins in the mind.

Week 3: Let Us…Be Known As Generous

Generous people are both spontaneous and strategic in their giving. Their mindset is one of Kingdom focus. Those with a Kingdom focus are always looking to meet a need while planning to honor God weekly. In a short phrase they live to give. 

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