God has a work for all of us to do. Many know it but ignore it. Few embrace it and work at it. At times it’s hard. At times it is exhausting. And, at times, we go through seasons that appear as if God is doing nothing. However, in the story of God, never have we heard of a testimony that stated they wished they had never trusted God when they are on the other side of His leading. As with Nehemiah, the choice is ours. Will we LEAN IN to God’s leading or stand on the sidelines? Nehemiah leaned in, and in 52 days changed his generation for the glory of God. Are we willing to LEAN IN?

Week 1: I just can’t let it go

Week 2: Developing and Doing

Week 3: Leaning in When There is No Support

Week 4: Seeing it Through

Week 1: I Just Can’t Let it Go

Not being able to let something go in a relationship often causes conflict. But what happens when you can’t let something that you are passionate about go? Conflict yes, but this conflict isn’t relational its internal. You know you were made to step out in your passion. When this conflict takes place, we either suppress it or explore it. Nehemiah had this internal conflict. He decided to explore it, test it, and see if it was from God. His heart broke and it led him to follow God to the unfamiliar and even personal upheaval. But he couldn’t let it go…and the world changed.

Week 2: Developing and Doing

When God puts something on our hearts that we just can’t let go, we must take the necessary steps to develop our passion. We must first pray, we must flush out our vision and then make good plans. Then we must DO. Nehemiah went through the process of development and implementation of God’s unique passion for him. We will study chapter 2 of Nehemiah and note his steps (process) of development and what it led him to do. These principles are for us to follow.

Week 3: Leaning In When There is No Support

The funny thing about a unique passion is that it is only unique to you! Others will not understand it. In their naivety they will criticize, question your heart, motives, and simply tell you that it can’t be done. What must we do…what do we learn from Nehemiah. How should we respond? Do we respond? We will look at Nehemiah 4.

Week 4: Seeing it Through

It’s easy to begin…it gets harder to go through criticism, but its deceiving when energy around your passion wanes and other “opportunities” present themselves. Opportunities can actually be distractions. What do we do? How do we see it through. We will see this commitment of calling and unique passion in Nehemiah represented in Chapter 6…and learn how we see it through.

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