Have kids and want them to be involved with “Give It Away”? Then you are in the right place! Every mission opportunity laid out on the main page of “Give It Away” includes the age range for children who possibly would be serving with you. This kids page is an additional section with opportunities specifically for children. 

Gospel Placemats  

Have children who love coloring even if it’s outside the lines? Print off these Gospel centered coloring sheets, laminate them, and give them to a local hospital or nursing home as placemats! This is an amazing way for your little ones to get involved and share the hope of Jesus! 

Description: This would be an opportunity for children in Life Groups to be on mission. Parents or Life Group leaders would choose and contact which organization they could bless with these placemats! 

Level of Difficulty: PreK-4th Grade 

What you will need: 

  • A hospital or nursing home’s permission to deliver placemats.
  • Art supplies and a laminator 
  • Gospel coloring sheets *Links of options below
  • WR flyers with our church service times to hand out to individuals. *If allowed per organization’s policies

Gospel Coloring Sheet Ideas Here

Secret Blessing

Have older students who need a way to reach out to others? Try this “Secret Blessing” idea. Have students take secret mission folders to put together and bless someone at school! 

Description: This would be an opportunity for older students in Life Groups to be on mission in their schools! As leaders or parents, create a secret mission folder that has instructions inside for your student to bless one of their friends. An example of this would look like sticking a bag of popcorn and service times in an envelope for your student. Your student would then take the popcorn bag with a personal card or service times card and give it to another student! 

See link to larger description and ideas here

Level of Difficulty: 5th-8th Grade

What you will need: 

  • manilla envelopes 
  • Choice of treat (popcorn, candy, or some sort of small activity that can fit inside the envelope.)
  • Instructions for your student (either to make a personal card, coloring page, etc.)
  • WR service time card 



BrightStart Pen Pals

Do your kids love to write or make paper crafts? There are children in Cambodia who do to! Have your kids write letters, color pictures, or make paper crafts for children who are apart of BrightStart Learning.

Learn more about BrighStart Learning, Inc. Here

Description: This would be an opportunity for children in Life Groups to be on mission outside of the country. These letters will be taken to Cambodia late November by members in our church and will bring back similar material from BrightStart kids!

Level of Difficulty: 1st-6th Grade

What you will need:

  • Light and compressible paper
  • Craft supplies
  • Contact Gwen Higaki, BrightStart’s Executive Director, gwenhigaki@gmail.com when you have completed letters or any questions!

Sundays | 10:00am

1066 E. Aurora Rd. Macedonia, Ohio 44056 | 330-467-7436