Resentment against people who’ve hurt us, mistakes we’ve made, or even bitterness toward God. These are REAL LIFE struggles that most, if not all deal with at different times of our lives. Problem is, we don’t know what to do with them…but God does. We will examine different hurts that we tend to carry and consider what God says about them. He wants us to live and love in the freedom of the Gospel!

Week 1: Recognizing IT

Week 2: Faith to Forgive IT

Week 3: What if God is My IT?

Week 4: What if I am the IT?

Week 1: Recognizing IT

One of the hardest things to do in life is to admit that we are carrying bitterness. We bury it, conceal it and deny it. And yet, we live frustrated, lack patience and are angry most of the time. What do we do? First, we recognize it, submit it to the Lord and allow His perfect love to transform us.

Week 2: Faith to Forgive IT

Forgiveness is the hardest thing to offer. Both to others, ourselves and even God. But until we learn to forgive the way Christ has shown us forgiveness, we will never get over “IT”

Week 3: What if God is my IT?

Forgiving others is hard enough. Having the faith to trust Him in His direction to live a life of grace filled existence is a worthy pursuit. But what if I am mad at God? What if I feel that God is a cosmic killjoy? How do I get over IT?

Week 4: What if I am the IT?

I can’t forgive myself. I have done too many things. My identity has become my failure. What do we do? What does God say? Have I gone too far? Am I past the redemptive power of God?

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