If it were possible to sit with each person in our church and to answer the simple yet profound question of: What is your heart for Western Reserve?…it would in someway reflect what I am going to walk through during this series

This series is Jason speaking to the future and passion of the church that we all love…and asking each person to engage first with Jesus…and then give their lives to the work of Western Reserve…what if we all said YES?

Week 1: Make Us Healthy

Matthew 16

Being healthy can sometimes be elusive. In the church we sometimes look at indicators that show growth but not necessarily health. I believe a healthy church has both…I believe that we need to understand the commitment of Jesus to the church and evaluate our own…Lord, Make us healthy.

Week 2 Make Us Dangerous

Luke 7

Walking with Jesus was never a call to safety. One of the temptations of our enemy is to make us believe that following Jesus does not require our commitment to risk it all for the sake of the Gospel. This is the church that I pray we become in the future…Jesus, make us dangerous.

Week 3: Make Us Effective

1 Kings 18

Being effective isn’t about being MORE gifted than someone else…it is about obeying God, seeking God and being willing to say yes where’ve He leads…I pray that we will do whatever it takes to see and experience the hand of God upon us. Jesus…Make us effective.

Week 4: Revive Us, Lord

John 17

Week 5: Wake Us Up, Lord

Matthew 11;23