How do we finish things that we start in faith? We all have the experience of starting things with enthusiasm and then losing energy and eventually quitting all together. In the life of faith, we have the experience of starting something but not finishing, too. Fighting to Flourish will discuss the kind of faith that not only makes the commitment—but sees it through.

Week 1:  Strong Start…Strong Finish

Week 2:  Moving from Guilt to Desire

Week 3:  Vibrant Faith and the Risk It Demands

Week 1: Strong Start…Strong Finish

Following Jesus doesn’t lead us around difficulty but usually leads us through it…Jesus allowed a storm and taught His disciples a valuable lesson on faith…we’ll look at how this lesson allows us and empowers us to a strong finish.

Week 2: From Guilt to Desire

We often equate the success of our life as “Try harder”, “produce more”, but the generosity that we see in Zacchaeus came from the intimacy that he found in a relationship with Jesus.

Week 3: Vibrant Faith and the Risk it Demands

Pastor Lawrence La-Follette

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