Five Dollar Club FAQs

Q: How does someone join the Five Dollar Club?

A: Anyone can join the Five Dollar Club with a monthly contribution of $5 and easily take part in a great missions opportunity!

Q: What can I expect after joining the Five Dollar Club?

A: By joining, you can expect to be a part of Western Reserve’s mission to “Walk Toward People, Not Away.” You will be regularly informed of developing missions opportunities each month, as well as get the opportunity to see how your contribution for the month was used. You will also be kept up to date with email reminders throughout each month.

Q: I missed signing up at church! Do I have to wait until next month to join the Five Dollar Club?

A: You can always sign up through the Five Dollar Club website. If you sign up after a Club Sunday, know that your initial $5 contribution might not be able to be utilized that particular month. That being said, the late dues will definitely be added to the next month’s funds.

Q: How do I give?

A: Giving is easy! Every Club Sunday (the first Sunday of every month), members pay their $5 dues. This can be done in-person using Five Dollar Club envelopes in the seatbacks, or online/through our app. If giving online, be sure to specify that you are giving to the Five Dollar Club. We do recommend, though, giving in-person with cash or check, as online contributions have a small processing fee that will have to be taken out of the $5 dues.

Q: I missed paying my dues this month! Can I pay them late?

A: Our hope is that everyone will be able to give on the same day so that we know how much money will be available for use for that month’s mission. You can still give after Club Sunday, but know that your contribution might not be able to be utilized that particular month. That being said, the late dues will definitely be added to the next month’s funds.

Q: Can I donate more than $5 a month?

A: While $5 dues every month is all that is expected from Five Dollar Club members, we will always welcome extra funds to be put towards the current month’s mission.

Q: Can I just give my dues for multiple months up front?

A: While we understand the convenience in giving $30 up front for the next 6 months, as an example, we ask that you do not give money up front as a member in the Five Dollar Club. Firstly, giving money ahead of time does not guarantee that your funds will be allotted across a number of months. In reality, it becomes difficult to budget on a monthly basis with an inconsistent flow of dues. Secondly, when you give your $5 dues each month, you are reminded of the part you play in blessing our community, country, or world for that month’s mission.

Q: How much of the monthly contributions will go to that month’s mission?

A: 100% of everyone’s contribution will go toward the mission that month. This means that Five Dollar Club funds do not go towards general upkeep of the church. Member dues are strictly put towards helping bless our community, country, and world.

Q: What are some examples of how the Five Dollar Club will use the funds that are given during Club Sunday?

A: There are so many different ways that the Five Dollar Club will be using the contributions of its members. During some months, we will be partnering with different organizations across Northeast Ohio to fulfill various needs (supplies, appliances, food, etc.). Other months, the Five Dollar Club will find itself supporting members of the community (paying for random individuals’ gas, groceries, laundry, etc.). Still yet, some months will be used to partner with organizations across the globe to help further God’s Kingdom. The possibilities are endless!

Q: Can I suggest an organization for the Five Dollar Club to sponsor?

A: Absolutely! We would love to hear of other organizations with which the Five Dollar Club could partner. We do, however, have a calendar that is already drawn out for 6-8 months in the future, so your suggestions will be taken into account as we move forward with scheduling.

Q: What does the schedule look like for the Five Dollar Club?

A: The first Sunday of every month will be known as “Club Sunday” and will be the day that everyone will give their monthly $5 contribution. On Club Sunday, we will also show a video recap of what we accomplished with the prior month’s giving. 

Q: How can I get in contact with the Five Dollar Club coordinators?

A: You can contact Sam and Cassy Spivey at, and they will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.


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