Week 1: James 1:1-12

Testing of our faith and our confidence in His supply.


Week 2: James 1:13-18

Wisdom and confidence for our lives based upon His immutability (He never changes).


Week 3: James 1:19-27

Living a life of evidence…the overflowing of Christ in us.


Week 4: James 2:1-13

God’s mercy distributed to others through us.


Week 5: James 2:14-26

Faith without works is dead.


Week 6: James 3:1-12

Power of the tongue.


Week 7: James 3:13-18

Manifestation of God’s wisdom in us.


Week 8: James 4:1-12


Week 9: James 4:13-17

Pastor Lawrence La-Follette

The priority of a submitted “today” and the humility of that submission. God’s timing vs our timing. Gods plans vs our plans. Submission to God’s plans.


Week 10: James 5:1-6

Pastor Lawrence La-Follette


Week 11: James 5:7-22
Waiting on the Lord – patience


Week 12: James 5:13-20
God’s sovereignty and prayer


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