Week 1: Encountering the Genuine Love of Christ
Mark 10:17-31
Looking at the story of the rich young ruler we will see that Jesus strips away everything that the world says has value…and the one thing that remains is His love is this man. As a result, we too have the opportunity to see the heart of Jesus for each of us. His love is a gift…it’s not tied to our performance…He loves us.

Week Two: Encountering the Mercy of Christ
John 8:1-11
Through the eyes of the adulterous woman we see the genuine mercy of God on display. He did not offer to her what the law demanded…but rather offered mercy. She, by law, deserved death…but mercy does not give us what we deserve…that is the Gospel…that is Jesus.

Week Three: Encountering the Grace and Truth of Christ
John 4:1-26
Through the eyes of the woman at the well we find Jesus offering to this woman what she does not deserve…grace. And, at the same time calls out truth. As we encounter Jesus we must be assured that He will always be gracious…but we must also remember that the only way we can repent and be redeemed is by looking at and examining the genuine truth about ourselves. This is when Jesus can do His true work in us.

Encountering the Vision of Christ

John 9:1-12

Looking at the story of Jesus and the blind man we will see how Christ calls us to spiritual breakthrough…Jesus changed this man’s physical life on earth, but he transformed his spiritual life for eternity. Breakthrough came to this man through the personal encounter with Jesus.

Palm Sunday