Disconnected will uncover the common problems in marriages that cause disconnect. By looking at marriages in the Bible, we will consider: Expectations, Hurtful Habits, Seasons of Doubt and Common Misconceptions

Week 1: Expectations

Week 2: Hurtful Habits

Week 3: Seasons of Doubt

Week 4: Common Misconceptions

Week 1: Expectations

Many marriages today put the weight of their deepest hopes and desires solely on their spouse. The problem is that we were never designed to carry such a weight. We will look at the events around Jacob, Leah and Rachel as a foundation illustrating the weight of expectations that we carry into our marriages. (Genesis 29:15-35)

Week 2: Hurtful Habits

1 Kings 21:2-26

Looking at the dynamics of Ahab and Jezebel. Habits of control, manipulation, passivity run rampant in this marriage…and, as a result, disaster came upon them. This is the future of any marriage that does not allow the Lord to develop good relational habits and change destructive ones.

Week 3: Seasons of Doubt

Genesis 12-18

Waiting on God’s fulfillment of a promise can sometimes lead to significant doubts that God is not going to deliver. In these seasons of waiting, obedience becomes difficult. Faithfulness becomes hard. We will look at Abraham and Sara, and examine what God had promised in their marriage, and why they chose to take matters into their own hands, which in turn effected not only their marriage but generations of relationships.

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