Followers of Christ are at times, considered to be irrational. Truth be told. We should be. We should have irrational faith, irrational commitment, irrational love. But we should also have irrational generosity. Generosity that comes from the foundation that God owns it all. An irrational belief that if I entrust the foundations of my life to Him, that He will supply all our needs. In Let Us we will re-discover what God says about generosity and how giving is a foundational part of the Christian life.

Week 1: Let Us…Do Because of What God Does

Week 2: 1 Let Us…Change Our Thinking

Week 3: Let Us…Be Known as Generous

Week 1: Fear and God’s Sovereinty

Week 2: Fear of Relationships

Fear of relationships, being guarded and not authentic. All of our relationships filter through our relationship with Christ. In Him we find no fear and as a result we can act like the people of God in the safety of His grace shown to one another. Coming from the “what if” of Joseph not trusting the Lord and what he would have missed.

Week 3: Spiritual Fear

Why are some people closer to God than others? How do some know Him more intimately than me? Mary, Joseph, Elisabeth – all 3 had the temptation of not leaning into God’s pursuit of them. When it comes to our faith, most of us doubt our beliefs and believe our doubts and the result is our fear consuming our faith.

The big idea is in Mary’s response: “May it be as you have said…” The idea of leaning into our faith even when afraid.

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