Christmas has become routine. Routine in relation to daily life can be a good thing. But when God’s larger vision and desire for each of us is squashed by what is scheduled or expected, it is time to move BEYOND the routine and examine what God is up to…its time to examine our calling…and to notice His movement in the season. Its time to move BEYOND Christmas. 

Week One: Beyond Familiar
Luke 2:8-21

Considering and examine the angels encounter with the shepherds, we will learn that God called people out of the ordinary and mundane and gave great purpose to their lives. They learned who and what defined them…who to boast in…and as a result they were forever changed.

Week Two: Beyond the Obvious
Matthew 2

Looking at Herod and his interaction with the wise men, we will consider what God was trying do in Herod, what stopped Herod from moving, and reflect on what he missed. Turning the spotlight back on ourselves we will ask the same questions. If we went beyond the obvious and looked deeper into the context and events of our lives, what could God be leading us to do? How could this Christmas be different if we acted upon the prompting…?

Week Three: Beyond the Basics

Luke 2:21-35

Considering the story of Mary and Joseph taking Jesus to be circumcised and interacting with Simeon reveals deeper truths of knowing God intimately. Seeing these truths will move us beyond the basics of simple faith and motivate us to pursue and know Jesus in a more intimate way.